Love is Sweet

I offer a complimentary engagement session when you book your wedding with me. Most of my clients really love that, and take me up on the offer. When they do, I work with them to find a spot that works well for both of us, and we pick a date for the shoot. Well, when Kayleigh suggested renting a commercial kitchen and baking some cupcakes with her fiance, of course I was more than ok with that! It's something I've never done before, and who doesn't love cupcakes?

Being from the area, she knew all about Kitchen 242 in Muskegon. I had never heard of it, but I was excited to check it out. Kitchen 242 is part of the local farmer's market, and offers workshops, cooking classes, and various events. It's very clean and organized and everyone there was so nice!

Kayleigh and Benji made some really (and I mean REALLY) delicious goodies last Saturday. Gluten free red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! YUM. Seriously, I need to get the recipe from her, because they were that good. Sometimes GF baked goods can be rather dry, and leaving something to be desired. Or maybe it's just that I'm used to eating all that scrumptious gluten, haha. Either way, these cupcakes were amazing! Kayleigh and Benji are pretty amazing, too. Get ready for some adorable pictures. Call your dentist; these photos are so sweet, you're going to get a cavity! Yep. I really did just say that.