Kayla & Adam | Rustic Barn Wedding

I swear, I’m going to blog about all the big changes that are going on in my life - and soon. Because there have been a ton. Like, surprise! I quit my nursing home job early! I’m now a full time photographer. (That feels AWESOME to say, haha.) My husband got a new job, so we’re moving soon! We’re also trying to sell our current house! So many exclamation marks! Ahh!

But now is not the time to talk about all that, because I’ve got some absolutely gorgeous photos to share with you from Kayla & Adam’s wedding! Sorry, the exclamation marks never really go away with me. Besides, weddings deserve the excitement. And this wedding is no exception.

Everyone met at Adam’s parent’s house to start getting ready. The girls downstairs, and the guys on the main level. It was such a beautiful home and I am now regretting not taking more photos of the place. But I did get some great photos of everyone getting ready! Once the girls were done with hair and makeup, everyone headed over to the venue, Amish Acres in Nappanee, IN, where the girls got their dresses on.