Annmarie & Jason | Michigan City Engagement in the Uptown Arts District

My first time visiting Michigan City! Annmarie and Jason wanted an urban setting for their engagement photos and the Arts District was a perfect fit. While there are a lot of events, galleries, and local shops, we stuck to the streets and found plenty of inspiration all around us. Filled with murals and street art, worn out and faded signs and paint jobs, this session gives you a nostalgic feel with a modern edge.

Even though we were in the heart of the Arts District, we did manage to find some greenery and even a nice floral spot! There was a beautiful church with some really beautiful architecture, including these gorgeous red doors. We also found a cute little courtyard off to the side, which had some lovely archways I made good use of!

The more we walked around, the more spots we found. The civic center had a beautiful tree with white flowers, a random building had some nice vines growing all over it, and we even found an alley that has produced some of my favorite images to date. I mean, wow, I love this alley, haha. I would drive back to Michigan City just for this alley. And that's about a 2 1/2 hour drive for me! You'll probably see the pictures and say 'umm okay Jess, whatever you say. It's just an alley way.' But it's not! Look at the cool stones that you walk on! The geometric shape of the path you walk on compared to the perfectly straight and narrow alley that's created by the closeness of two old buildings. And the bit of grass that's showing is just enough to make you feel like you're leaving the city and entering some secret garden!

Okay, okay..maybe I'm letting my eye and my imagination run away with me a bit here. You'll have to judge for yourself.

I hope you guys love these as much as I do! I'm not usually one for urban settings, I think maybe because they can be a little more difficult in the sense that you don't have anything else to focus your attention on but the couple. Like when you're in a botanical garden or a woodland paradise, that all makes for gorgeous backgrounds and you can easily make any photo beautiful when you stick your couple in front of a giant hibiscus shrub. But with the city, you kind of have to put a little more effort in. You have to be mindful of passing cars, other people, the never ending sea of trash lying all around, etc. And when it's just two people in front of a brick wall, there's nothing else for the viewer to focus on but the couple and their actions. Which, now that I've done this, I really, really appreciate even more so. The emotion doesn't have any chance to get lost in these photos, because there's nowhere for it to go. And I really like that.

Thanks for stopping by and say Congratulations to Annmarie and Jason in the comments below! You'll be seeing more of them in a few months; their wedding is July 8th!

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