Pamela & Taylor | A Hogwarts Wedding

This wedding, you guys. THIS WEDDING. Not only was it gorgeous, and filled with a crazy bunch of super fun people, it was Harry Potter themed to top it all off! And this bridal party was up for anything. The girls went to the bar for a shot, the guys wore secret Hogwarts house socks, there was a random stranger who sang to the bride, and even though it rained, they all rocked the clear umbrella look

The girls got ready on location, and had a couple of pros working their magic on them. The guys were already dressed to impress when they arrived to the venue, but were most excited to show off their fancy socks. The venue itself, Kings Court Castle was big enough for two wedding receptions. No really. I walked into the wrong reception upon arrival, haha. Oops!

The inside was all medieval decor, and Pam and Taylor's reception hall was of course, decked out in Harry Potter goodies. Each table was labeled as a different Hogwarts house, and because there are only four houses, various locations throughout the HP universe.

Who said rain ruins your wedding day?? Not these girls! Armed with our umbrellas and determination, we headed outside for some seriously gorgeous portraits. The guys looked pretty great during their portrait time, to

Oh! I can't not add this somewhere, haha. As the girls were heading back to the chapel, we came across a group of people standing next to another building. One of the men asked if someone was getting married today, to which Pam replied yes, that it was her wedding day. This guy then asked if he could sing her a song and of course we were all like, 'YES!!'. So he did just that.

While the reception was very much a Harry Potter themed wonderland, the chapel was more of a romantic setting. Petals on the ground, lining the aisle way, real floral bouquets, and a gorgeous wedding dress with a vintage feel add to the charm and beauty of this wedding

The reception was where things got really awesome. The way they chose the order in which people went to the buffet for dinner, was by picking their table names (all HP themed houses/places) out of a goblet. Once everyone ate, Pam and Taylor didn't even bother with a bouquet or garter toss. There was no time for that when everyone had dancing on their minds! Seriously, everyone was out on that dance floor. I've never been to a wedding where so many people were letting loose and having the time of their lives. Heck, maybe it wasn't the time of their lives, maybe it was just an average weekend. Who knows! All I know is these people know how to have a good time

Reception goals.

I hope you enjoy as these photos as much as I do! This wedding was a good time. And Pam and Taylor were so chill relaxed the entire time. You know how people always tell you to just enjoy the day? Well they did. They just enjoyed this time together as husband and wife, surrounded by friends and family, good food, and excellent music. And some lady with a camera following them around all day. Thanks for visiting everyone, and don't forget to wish Pam and Taylor and big congratulations down in the comments!

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