Alyssa & Brice | Intimate Wedding in a Secret Garden

August 9, 2017

Alyssa and Brice had a very small, intimate wedding. There was no loud music, no bridal party, no drunk uncles. Just the two of them, their son, and a romantic evening surrounded by loved ones. Both the ceremony and reception were held at a local coffee house, which hosts a romantic and calming little patio in the back. The owner of the coffee house, Alyssa's mom, recently bought the business after the previous owner of nearly a decade decided to retire. And while this is easily one of the cutest local shops I've ever seen, the back garden is the real show stopper. From the brick flooring, to the leafy vine covered walls, to the cluster of vines growing in the middle of this beautiful fully enclosed area, this wedding will give you secret garden vibes for sure!


Because they planned this wedding so quickly, there were a lot of personal touches that added to intimacy of this wedding. Like the perfume Alyssa wore; Chanel No. 5 is the perfume her grandmother wore on her wedding day. Her brother picked up some earrings for her so she would have something blue, and the cupcakes were made with the secret family recipe! The necklace Alyssa wore has a really sweet story: 


"My grandpa had the necklace made for my grandma when they got married, and then they had the same necklace made for each of their 5 daughters when they got married."

Planned in a month's time, this celebration of love and laughter came together so perfectly. As a fairly new home owner, and myself about to become a new home owner at the time of this wedding, I was so excited to see Alyssa's rustic farmhouse. And it did not disappoint! Beautiful craftsmanship paired with her eye for interior design made for a lovely home. Perfect for all the getting ready photos!