Myra & Alec | Summer Wedding in the Park

January 21, 2019

Myra and Alec are one of the sweetest couples I've ever met. So down to Earth, so appreciative, so very in love. Everyone was very relaxed and easy going, making the whole day such a joy. I rarely felt like I was even working! I was only reminded of the fact when Myra and Alec expressed their sincere gratitude, which was often. A lot of times, during weddings, it's pretty crazy and hectic. And while I know without a doubt that the bride and groom are happy I'm there and appreciate me, Myra and Alec made sure to thank me several times and tell me how much it meant to them to have me there. And it was so nice! I could have melted from all the kindness and love in the air.

"We wanted a whimsical, woodland-y style wedding. Something not too fussy, but beautiful and full of nature. We went for blush and navy as our colors, and accented with lots of greenery and ferns and birch!"