Citrus Bath

I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for warmer weather. I've had enough of the winter blues, the icy roads, and the on again-off again relationship Michigan has with snow, causing this muddy mess around us.

Now that Zola can sit up and is starting figure out how to walk, she's at that perfect stage for lots of different photo shoots! But it's soo yucky outside. So we've been forced to stay indoors and figure out fun stuff to do while keeping warm and out of mischief.

Enter: The Citrus Bath

What better way to will spring and summer to come our way than with some fresh colorful citrus fruits? Lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits, oh my! My kitchen smelled so clean and refreshing during this shoot.

I've been thinking about this shoot for a while now. And I had all these visions of this beautiful light coming through the windows and it was just going to be really magical looking. And then when I started cleaning and getting things set up, I look out my kitchen windows and remember that I live in the city, right on top of my neighbors. And I realize, there will be no beautiful light, just a big truck and a bunch of siding that's falling off our neighbor's house. So we went out and bought these gorgeous bamboo blinds! I'm really pleased with the personality they add to our kitchen. Cute, naked baby also helps.

I was pleasantly surprise with how well my little birdie did! I was worried (of course I was) about her trying to eat the seeds, or just continuing to put the slices in her mouth and make nothing but awful faces, but she did fantastic. She did end up putting a few pieces in her mouth, and making some sour faces, lol, but mostly she just picked them up and moved them around.

Check out the entire gallery below!

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