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Woodsy Couples Photography Fall

This is our why

where we come from and what this means to us

Woodsy Couples Photography Fall

It's me, 


Mother | Wife | Business Owner | Creative

Hi again! I absolutely love photography. It makes my heart sing and I fall in love all over again every time I pick up the camera. But photography isn't my whole life. I'm also a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, and a coffee addicted libra, who wears her heart on her sleeves, listens to the Encanto soundtrack on repeat, and will ask to pet your dog.

I love being surrounded by trees, and nature. For most of my childhood, I grew up on a small, non-traditional farm, on the edge of a forest. We owned a lot of land, and my dad created trails throughout 'the woods' behind our home and that's where I spent most of my days. Being an only child for so long, I developed a very imaginative and creative soul. That creativity and expressiveness from my father and the compassionate vulnerability from my mother has shaped who I am today. I am a lover. And all love is welcome here.

I feel everything so very deeply and I will cry at your wedding. Because I am genuinely happy for you. And I want you to see yourself in the light that I am seeing you. Your moments deserve to documented and preserved in the most beautiful way possible. Your story is too good to go untold. You're hiring me to see yourself through my lens. Trust me with your authenticity. Come as you are, I'll do the rest.

But seriously, can I pet your dog?


Woodsy Couples Photography Fall

My Love Story

My husband, Scott, is my second shooter. He's also my rock, my motivator, and the absolute love of my life. He pushes me to be the very best version of myself and supports me in everything I do. He also spoils me and surprises me regularly! Fellas, take notes.

Scott started out by just accompanying me to weddings as my assistant, and so I didn't have to face driving long distances alone. But as I began upgrading my equipment and bringing multiple cameras, Scott just decided to pick one up at a wedding one day, and thus, Scott the photographer was born. We've been documenting weddings together for over 5 years now.


And our couples love working with a husband and wife team! So many of my brides tell me that some of their most cherished memories are the unseen moments that Scott purposefully and artfully captures.

"Having Scott as second shooter was literally the best thing ever. Some of his sneaky shots are just like, 'WOW OK SCOTT!!'"

Shelby & Anthony

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Saginaw Art Museum Wedding Photography


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Years of Experience


Cup of Coffee Consumed



We're a good fit if...

you're wildly romantic and free at heart 

you get reckless with your laughter

you want to bring your dog

you favor the authentic, candid, and & emotional moments

you believe photos are not meant to live solely on your phone

you're ready for the honest documentation of your story 

did we just become best friends?

Crafted with purpose, soul, & story



Ready to make magic?

Pieces of my heart

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